Welcome to the boiler room

Join your host Misery Gutts as he invites you to enter  the  Boiler Room.

Do you like scary stories?

Then you're in the right place.

The Boiler Room is filled with stories that will leave you feeling more than a little uneasy . From Tales of paranormal entities to the monsters under your bed, you'll be sure to find something that pulls on your tendons! 


Is it disturbing? Then it's probably the type of story we like. However we find most of our tales fall into the four categories below.


From freaky clowns to escaped lunatics you'll find a monster that's right for you here.


When things go bump in the night it's important to remember it's probably nothing .....probably.


Some stories don't need monsters or ghosts. Some stories are scary simply because they are true.


We're all a little odd right? Well some are A LOT odd and those are our kind of stories.

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